Wells Offers Production Of Custom Manufactured Components

Houston's Missing Link In The Manufacturing ChainTM

Wells Manufacturing (WM) seeks to meet our clients' individual precision machining needs with exceptional professional service and superior quality products. We are committed to building strong, long-lasting partnerships with our clients and delivering on our promise of excellence every time.

Machined Tools

Quality is the driving force behind WM and we take great pride in our service. It influences every aspect of our business, from every sales quote we make to every sales order we accept, because we refuse to compromise quality of quantity. The moment we accept a new sales order we also accept a new obligation that goes beyond a production number, an obligation to provide the client with the utmost in responsive expert service throughout the whole manufacturing process, as well as timely delivery of the manufactured components.

To ensure our promise of excellence and superior service, we only employ machinists with the right mind-set that are dedicated exclusively to getting our clients' orders processed, produced and shipped out to the client, quickly and efficiently. If at any time our promise to a client is compromised we immediately notify them and work to accommodate their needs as best we can.

All of our machinists receive continuous training - from WM basics to advanced operations - and given feedback to help them further advance their skills, pay, and personal growth.

Our management is a group of highly experienced professionals dedicated to building a strong, successful, environmentally friendly company with healthy profit margins that is respected by both the business world and the community at large. Management's collective experience includes previous business ownership, sales, marketing, accounting, auditing, and engineering (mechanical and industrial).

Refusing to accept the end of manufacturing in the US, WM's management continues to stand by the principles of Lean and Sustainability to allow the company to successfully compete with offshore outsourcing of manufacturing. Management keeps Wells Manufacturing competitive by establishing and reviewing productivity benchmarks, and continuously working to improve utilization percentages. WM also encourages all of our employees to do the same, as we believe that the more well informed our people are about every aspect of our manufacturing operations, the more significant our overall improvement will be.